How Does Invisalign Help Straighten Crooked Teeth?

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Your front teeth look OK, but you know deep down they could look better. While an imperfect smile may not be a medical risk, the insecurity that arises has likely let you to simply master the art of smiling without showing your teeth.

“What would my coworkers, neighbors, and family think if I got adult braces?” Even though this is temporary, for many it is enough of a deterrent to just continue smiling with their mouth closed. What do you do? Enter: Invisalign.

After weighing the pros and cons, you finally made the decision to read a few Invisalign reviews and check out a few Invisalign before and after shots. The results were nothing short of impressive.

You’ve answered the question of “should I get Invisalign or braces” and all you need to know now is how it works.

We’ll detail that here, so you know exactly what to expect.

On the Invisalign Treatment Process

The first step in the Invisalign treatment process involves setting up a consultation with your dentist. During the consultation, you’ll converse about your needs and determine if Invisalign is an option for you.

Then, you’ll figure out insurance, determine any concerns about your dental health, and address costs. If you have cash and want to make the process easier (and perhaps less costly, too), be sure to use it.

Now you’re on to the treatment plan itself. Your dentist will take X-rays and photos of your teeth and make impressions of them for casting purposes. You’ll also learn how Invisalign will help straighten crooked teeth by shifting them throughout treatment.

Finally, plastic aligners will be custom made for you using the impressions of your teeth. You’ll receive instructions on how to wear them every day, and you will likely receive new aligners every few weeks throughout the Invisalign process.

You may be wondering, “How long does Invisalign take?” Well, that depends on the state of your teeth. If your teeth are severely crooked, the process will take longer, as your teeth will have to shift more, and you’ll need a greater number of aligners.

Aligners are replaced regularly as your teeth begin to shift, and are custom made each time. Depending on the extent of the crookedness, the process may take anywhere from 6 months to a couple of years.

Why Choose Invisalign?

One of the main reasons people choose Invisalign is because it’s a treatment that’s, well, invisible! As such, it can provide a perfect solution for those who want adult braces, but don’t want unsightly or uncomfortable metal on their teeth.

Another huge benefit is that these braces are removable, unlike their metal counterparts. If you want to take a break for a snack, drink, or just because, you can at any time.

Book Your Consultation Today

We don’t need to tell you that having healthy, straight teeth and gums will do wonders for things like your dental hygiene, health improvement, and self-esteem. You already can imagine how your life would change.

And now, you know a little bit more about the process and what to expect, too!

If you’re looking for Bend, OR Invisalign services, book your consultation or send us a text about your interest in Invisalign today.

Your teeth will thank you!

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